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Bonnie Fancy FANCYISMS


“I was never interested in cars until I met Ernie Fancy. On one of our earlier dates, a brass-era car coming the other way caught my eye. I wondered aloud why anyone would want such a thing. It had no radio, no head rests, no seat belts and probably didn’t ride very well. Once Ernie regained his ability to speak, he explained that car was worth more than our two cars together. Thus began my education.

Ernie bought his first project car in 1976 and we joined the MBCA then. We’ve been active ever since. I started writing for the Star shortly after Germanfest in Ohio. I happened to be in an elevator with then editor Frank Barrett and said the magazine needed a column for the people like me who were married to a gearhead. I told him I could do it, as I am a writer. He accepted and “Fancyisms” was born. Here they are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them and living them.”