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Submitted by BrettJurick on Fri, 2022-01-28 09:01
Saturday, Oct 22, 2022 - 02:00am to Saturday, Oct 22, 2022 - 08:00am
Ron Seifert

Once again we are going to take our fall drive to Winnsboro, TX and it will be for the 64th Annual Autumn Trails Event which is an annual month long event for the town. Saturday the 22nd is for Antique Cars that begins with a parade into downtown.  For those interested after the parade they have three maps that follow the country roads outside of Winnsboro to view the fall leaf colors.  It will be a fun day with our club participating in the parade and the folks love us because we are one of two clubs that have candy for the kids.  The other club is the Model A Club. After the parade we will have lunch at Hope Grill & Café in Winnsboro, at 301 E. Coke Road, which is near downtown Winnsboro. The menu has Mexican and American items on the menu and a room is available for us. Just remember to bring candy, lots of candy to throw out to the kids on the parade route.  This has been a lot of fun for our club in the past; you won’t believe all of the cars especially the Model A’s and the kids on the parade route are the most fun of all.

Meet for check-in at 8:00 AM at the QuickTrip gas station at 1400 E. Joe Ramsey Blvd, Greenville, TX. (It is at the southeast corner of HYW 69 and I-30 East in Greenville).  If anyone is lost call Ron Seifert’s cell phone at 972-824-0464.

We will leave at 8:15 AM for Winnsboro. It is a 55-mile drive from Greenville and we form up for the parade in Winnsboro at 9:45 AM on highway 11 leading into Winnsboro. It is important if we want to stay together to be there on time.  We must leave at 8:15 AM!

I will pass out tour maps for those who want to drive the three back road tours/drives that they have outlined for the autumn trails. 

After lunch you will be free to return home on your own schedule.

The cost for the event/drive will be $10 per car, payable at check-in or PayPal.

Don’t worry about not having an antique or classic car they welcome the MB Club participation.  For those with convertibles or antique restorations it will be a fun place to show your car and you can practice your special Royal hand wave for the crowd.  Put your section magnetic sign on your cars for the event if you have them.

We are looking for a great turnout and this time of year should give us great driving weather and a nice day for a fall drive.

Directions to Winnsboro

If for some reason you are late or lost here are directions to Winnsboro.

From the QuickTrip gas station take highway I-30 east to Exit 124 on to TX 154 at Sulphur Springs and go south to hwy 11 into Winnsboro.  Line up for the parade as you go into Winnsboro.  The cars will be lining up on the side of the road outside of the city limits so just get in line.  It is important that we try to stay together as you form the line.

Directions to lunch –Hope Grill & Café – 301 E. Coke Road

Go south on S. Main Street, at light (Shamrock Gas station on right) turn left on to Coke Rd. and ¼ to ½ mile.  Hope Grill & Café is on the left (north side) of street.