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Submitted by brigittetrapp on Sun, 2022-09-18 11:09
Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 - 10:00am to Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 - 03:30pm
Craftsmanship Museum
3190 Lionshead Ave,
Brigitte Trapp

Carlsbad Adventure Date: Saturday March 25th 2023 Organizer: Brigitte Trapp 818-808-3956 [email protected] Meeting Location: 3190 Lionshead Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92010 Museum Parking Lot Meeting Time: 10:00 AM Event information / Description: Craftsmanship Museum Miniature models of engines, buildings & vehicles made of metal & wood are displayed at this museum. We maintain a growing collection of excellent craftsmanship projects at the physical museum in Carlsbad, California. The museum, which opened in February, 2011, includes the work of the world's best craftsmen. We also maintain a growing collection of the most significant small machine tools of the past and present. The facility includes a well equipped machine shop manned by volunteer craftsmen, making it possible for visitors to watch a machinist at work. Free Donations accepted No host Lunch: Cucina Italiana 1:00 pm The Flower Fields The Flower Fields' attractions include its "Tecolote Giant Ranunculus", a greenhouse filled with cymbidium orchids, a 300-by-170-foot American flag made out of red, white, and blue petunias, as well as the Field's "sweet pea maze." The Fields offer Antique Tractor-Wagon rides with tractor-wagons provided by the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum of Vista, California. Adult 22.00 + 2.95 SRV Fee Senior 20.00 + 2.68 SRV Fee All tickets must be purchased online.