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Submitted by jimloseke on Fri, 2023-10-27 10:10
Car and trees
Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 - 12:00pm to Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 - 04:00pm
Lake Geneva

Fall color tour 2023


Both of our Wisconsin's 28 and Chicagoland's 8 Section members enjoyed themselves at our combined event luncheon and fall color tour around Geneva Lake.  


We all made some new friends and had many great conversations about various topics. Plus, of course, sharing information about our fascinating variety of 22 MB cars which are shown in this Google Photo album link.  ( )


After our leisurely luncheon, it was time to start our driving tour by individual cars or small groups around Geneva Lake using local area maps.  Unfortunately, during our luncheon, the weather had become overcast and windy, not the best for viewing fall colors. 


Our thanks to everyone who participated in this combined section event and their patience during the luncheon for our large group of 36 people.


Bernd Kampe and Jerry Zajicek, co-hosts