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MBCA and the MBCA Social Media Committee would like to sincerely apologize for what occurred during the February 6, 2021, Zoom live Q&A event. Unfortunately, our event was "Zoom bombed" and we were unable to proceed as intended. With the Zoom link being made public, hackers invaded our live session with inappropriate chatter.

To avoid future invasions, the Social Media Committee will develop pre-recorded sessions and limit access to future live events. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep posted on new content.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to provide you with relevant and great content.

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Mercedes-Benz Club of America has gathered a committee of talented volunteers to re-establish our Social Media presence on all platforms - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Our goal is to share with members and potential members about the exciting things we do on a local level up to a national level. By sharing about upcoming events, photos from previous events, virtual events, etc. - our goal is to foster and expand a more connected community, especially during these unprecedented times.

We want to help promote your events, share memories from previous events, connect new members and expand your community along the way. Some sections already have a very strong presence on SM while others are working to expand theirs. We would love to help however possible! We want to help you succeed.

We have set up an email account [email protected], where you can reach out to us directly. You can also reach out to us on our SM platforms. You can send us your events calendar, photos and/or questions that may come up. We will help promote your events so they are seen by all of MBCA's followers. You may hear from us from time to time asking about different things you have going on or if you've got content you'd like shared.

With the current pandemic, face to face events aren't possible. That is why the MBCA - SMC will also be hosting virtual events.

Thank you! We are very excited to work together!


  • David Abarr
  • Anne-Marie Stockwell
  • JB Burton
  • Pierre and Elaine Hedary
  • Jaime Kopchinski
  • Meg Lea
  • Peter and Josie Lesler
  • J.D. Londo
  • Andrew Opicka
  • Matthew Strauss
  • Drew Webb
  • Ralf Weiser
  • Wesley Wormser
  • John Wright
  • Jeff Zurschmeide

David Abarr

David AbarrMy name is David Abarr. I am current president of the Portland section in the beautiful Pacific-Northwest. I have been a club member since 2011. In 2014 I took part in a concourse judging class here in Oregon. I soon became a judge at the national MBCA event Legends of the Autobahn during famed Monterey car week. After several years of being involved in this event I took over as chairman in 2019. My long-term project has been a w201 chassis that I took and created a tribute AMG pre-merger 3.2 car. All genuine parts from around the world! In 2016 I started reporting for national social media during car week featuring many events to share with members through the social media channels. Soon after I took over as primary admin and have been doing it since. It is a real passion of mine to connect fans and members with each other, news and up to date information in real time! Another facet of how we communicate with you the members!

Anne-Marie Stockwell

Anne-Marie StockwellI am the Treasurer and Social Media Manager for the Orange County Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. My love affair with Mercedes-Benz began in 2008 when, at 18 years old, I bought my first of four 190E 2.3-16s. The seller and I became good friends and he introduced me to the world of classic Mercedes-Benz (he has a fleet of Best of Class, Best of Marque, and Best of Show-winning Mercedes) and to my now-fiance, who was a master technician at a local Mercedes-Benz dealership. I became a member of MBCA in 2016 because I was interested in becoming a MBCA concours judge and I wanted to show my own cars at MBCA events. In addition to showing my friends' cars at Legends of the Autobahn since 2013, I was a judge for the pre-merger AMG class in 2017 and the W201 anniversary class in 2018. While I'm currently restoring a 1987 190E 2.3-16, I daily drive a 1998 C43 with an E55 motor swap. My weekends are spent watching my fiance restore classic Mercedes (usually W124s or W201s) at his shop, and going to various car events in Orange County. Outside of MBCA, I am a Trial Paralegal at a law firm in Irvine.

Jaime Kopchinski

Jaime KopchinskiMy family’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz began in 1983 when my father bought a brand new 300D. I have strong memories of our weekend road trips in that car, the smell of the MB Tex interior and diesel exhaust made a permanent impression on me. My father traded in his diesel Mercedes for another one every 3-400,000 miles. I learned to drive in a 1986 300SDL, probably covering more highway miles than any other 16 year old in New Jersey. I got my first Mercedes at age 19, a 1982 240D. Before long, I started buying and fixing up dozens of cars from the 60s-80s, learning as much as possible along the way. In my professional career, my hobby led to me a job at Becker of North America (Harman) in 2002 as the first test engineer dedicated to a European customer project in the USA, specifically the Mercedes W211 E class. I built up a team of engineers at Harman testing infotainment systems for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and others. This led to an opportunity to join Mercedes-Benz Research and Development as a manager. Over my career, I’ve had influence on many future classic car lines, including the W240 Maybach, 221, 222, 205, and 213. I still hold a management role in automotive R&D, while performing mechanical restoration and repairs for select clients with Mercedes-Benz cars from the 1950s through 80s in my home workshop.

J.D. Londo

J.D. LondoMy name is Judah Londo, professionally J.D. I grew up in the backseat of my parents ML500 and S 500 which began my love affair with automobiles especially Mercedes-Benz. My enthusiasm for cars led me around to different manufacturers until I rekindled my obsession with Mercedes-Benz a couple of years ago when I bought my first W123. I taught myself most of my mechanical knowledge through trial and error on my first W123. I have performed three rolling restorations on W123’s and a W108. The process of restoring these vehicles led me to become more involved in the community that surrounds them which encouraged me to join the MBCA. I happily reside in Aiken, South Carolina where I contribute to the social media committee!

Meg Lea

Meg LeaI'm a classic car enthusiast and have a fond love of cars built in the 1940s and 1950s. I am a historical automotive restoration artist. I work with my partner to restore these masterfully engineered vehicles and return them to their original works of art. I've been a club member since 2016 and my love of the classics runs deep. When I'm not enjoying car shows and restoring cars, I can be found working in my gardens!

Andrew Opicka

Andrew OpickaI have had a passion for automotive perfection since a young age when my grandfather first introduced me to the Mercedes-Benz brand some forty plus years ago. Growing up in a primarily agricultural community in northeast Wisconsin, I learned at a young age the elegant beauty of machinery. While today my occupation is in the field of computing, my passion remains rooted in the mechanical.

I have personally maintained and restored several classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles and specifically have a passion for the Classic Mercedes-Benz. I find the classic Mercedes-Benz to be some of the most exemplary vehicles in history and a beautiful synergy of art and machine.

I have been honored to be a member of Mercedes-Benz Club of America for many years and have become more active in recent years by providing additional resources as the chair of the social media committee. I am happy to share my knowledge of information technology and computer science along with mechanical repair and refinement of these classic automobiles with the club. I look forward to continuing my participation with the club along with the stewardship of these beautiful automotive works of art.

Ralf Weiser

Ralph WeiserBorn and raised in Germany I came to America at the tender age of 22 in 1989. Fell in love with people and country and have been allowed to pursue the American dream. I worked myself up from service teach to senior management and am now working for a German subsidiary that produces specialty pharmaceutical compaction and granulation industry (elementary in producing tablets).

I have been MBCA member since 1998 and a MB enthusiast since an early age. My dad should have been a car tester as he abused his Benzes and they endured the punishment. I aspired to one day own my own Benz and treat it a lot better than that. Currently I drive a W212 E350 and my daughter has a W126 420SEL and my son a W126 300SDL.

I enjoy belonging to MBCA and I firmly believe that club life in the 20s is not only possible, I also believe we can thrive leveraging technology to meet the demands of currently and future MB enthusiasts.

Drew Webb

Drew WebbI’ve been a member since 2002, and am an active DieselHead, still running my own business focused on technology and training for public safety agencies, and enjoying the MBCA and my friends in it. I’ve been involved in personal computers and technology since the early 1980’s, being then an active member of several Compuserve forums and groups (there’s a blast from the past) and continuing my technology interests to the present day. Currently I drive a 1979 300CD Mercedes Benz, and am enjoying it immensely- there’s nothing like the feel on the road of a classic MB. Having gotten interested in Mercedes Diesels as a child, I traveled a lot overseas when I was in corporate America, and got better acquainted with Mercedes automobiles as I rented them in Europe and Central/South America. They were the best and most reliable cars around, and fun too! In MBCA, I was a section president for several years, and now as a Regional Director look forward to actively working to make our club a stronger group that delivers more opportunities for fun to the members, through local, regional and multi-regional events that are attractive to and enjoyable for a wide variety of both new and old members alike.

Wesley Wormser

Wesley WormserI’ve always had an interest in mechanical things. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, it was only natural to start with farm equipment before taking an interest in cars. Always searching for the best, this leads to Mercedes. My first Mercedes was a 1978 280E that I got at the age of sixteen. I joined the club shortly after that and have not looked back since. I have met some wonderful people and made great friends through the club and continue to meet more of you as time goes on.

Jeff Zurschmeide

Jeff ZurschmeideJeff Zurschmeide is the editor-in-chief of The Star, MBCA’s membership magazine. He comes to the position with 18 years experience in both printed and online automotive journalism. An early adopter by nature, Jeff’s experience with social media stretches back to USENET in the early 1980s. Saying that out loud just makes him feel old, however, so don’t bring it up unless you were there, too.

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